Biking in Tanzania!

The last two weeks in Africa have been inspiring. I’ve been filming and working with a charity called The School Fund. I’ve had the opportunity to learn about the lack of education that so many children face here and understand how we can go about tackling it. I have a feeling I’ll be back here soon. ~ Tanzania

June 23: Jack and Finn with @morgan_sarah in Kenya

June 23: Jack and Finn with @EllisTomneyx

Just a reminder that every moment in life is precious, because it could all end like that. Let’s hope everyone on the team stays safe. 

Just read the news about the twins today, so so so glad they’re safe! That’s terrifying!!

All the same I’d like to enlist an army to track down those dirty rotten scoundrels and get them their stuff back and to teach them a lesson dammit. That’s not acceptable. Who’s with me?!


Bad news….